Knowing the best way to guide your child’s technology use is not always easy.

The MOST important factor that will effect a child’s happiness and success is the guidance they receive from their parent.

We are the first generation of parents to guide children’s technology use. The right information is ESSENTIAL for ensuring that the choices you make about technology use are benefiting your child now and in the future.

You only get one chance at getting this right!

This self-paced online program shows you what to do, and what not to do, to ensure that technology is a positive part of your family’s life.

You don’t need to be scared of technology as a parent. Instead get the information you need to make clever choices that will ensure that technology is an empowering part of your family’s life.

You’ll discover:

The best ways to take control of technology stress:




Social media


Obsessive gaming


Homework distraction


Online bullying

Effective uses of technology to improve learning:










Pre-school development

What the program includes




Latest Research




Fact Sheets



Real Case Studies

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Learn simple, tried and tested strategies


Do's + Don'ts

Pros + Cons Of Popular Strategies


Tips To Try

Resources For Your Child


Step By Step Plans

Win Win Solutions For Common Stresses


Warning Signs To Look Out For

Activities To Do Together

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Safe Use Of Technology


Helping your child to manage risky online situations is important for their well-being now and in the future.

This module helps you understand online risks, how to talk to your child about them about them (even the embarrassing conversations), and the best steps to take if they experience an unsafe online situation.

Sub-Module 1: Best ways to guide online safety

Sub-Module 2: Effectively managing online bullying

Sub-Module 3: Information awareness



Being A Good Role Model


How you use technology strongly influences how your child will use it.

This module provides step-by-step by guidance to consider your own technology use, the messages it may be giving your child, and practical tips on how to adjust your routines to make them work better for you and your family.

Sub-Module 1: Best screentime role modeling

Sub-Module 2: Best ways to organise family technology use

Sub-Module 3: Top tips for being a good role model


Quality Uses Of Technology For Children


Technology can be a positive and empowering aspect of your child’s life if the majority of their use is quality.

This module provides information and guidance on what quality use of technology is for each age, do’s and don’ts for choosing apps, great technology projects for children to try, and best uses of technology for homework.

Sub-Module 1: Quality Technology Use: Early Childhood

Sub-Module 2: Quality Technology Use: Children 8-12 Years

Sub-Module 3: Quality Technology Use: Teens



Win-Win Screentime Strategies


Stress can occur when family members over-use technology.

A healthy balanced approach is important. This module provides information and win-win practical solutions on how to manage screentime for children and teenagers and help them to be self- aware of their screen habits.

Sub-Module 1: Win-win solutions for screentime

Sub-Module 2: Teens and phone distraction

Sub-Module 3: Technology access as punishment or reward


Digital Wellbeing


It’s important that technology use has a positive effect on children’s mental, physical and social well-being.

This module targets issues parents are concerned with: gaming, social media, and very young children using technology. I provide reliable information, guidance and tips to support the best possible parenting decisions.

Sub-Module 1: How to control excessive gaming

Sub-Module 2: Social media wellbeing

Sub-Module 3: Guiding very young children’s technology use

What people say

This program has made me realise how my actions with technology have been sending my daughter the wrong message. Now I’m much more aware of what I do. My daughter has commented on the change. It’s made a change I didn’t think was possible.

Very useful websites and information. So good to be able to have the conversations you suggested with all of my boys about social media….especially my 14 year old who is so focused on Instagram.

It was great to have the discussion with my 17-year-old that you suggested on screen time. Opening the lines of communication between us about this issue has been really good and your ideas have been really, really helpful. Thank-you!

Really terrific program and I am wrapped about the positive changes it has made for my family.

Our school P & F asked specifically for you to work with our school and provide positive direction around technology. What a success it has been!

Starting with your talk, as soon as we advertised your program in our school newsletter we had 140 families RSVP to your event! As an indicator, we usually get around 50 RSVPs for parent nights.

Your online program has been something new for the parents and it has been just what they wanted! Such positive messages and practical advice! Thank you Joanne, we will be continuing with your program again next year. 

Why TechClever Parents Will Work For You



Program is very simple to navigate and can be used on your phone or any device. The factsheets, podcasts, videos, tip-sheets and reports are all there for you to keep.



Designed to fit in with the busy family life. You can explore the program on alternate days, save them for the weekend or use it at any time that’s convenient to you.



Drawing on 25+ years’ experience, I know what works! 100,000’s of families have benefitted from my expert advice in the media, one-on-one family mentoring, and my work with schools and the government. My expertise comes from my extensive research with families, children and schools.

Dr Joanne Orlando leads new ideas and understandings about children’s uses of technology.

She draws on a wealth of specialised, cutting edge knowledge, to provide practical solutions that ensure technology is an empowering part of children’s lives.

A hallmark of Joanne’s work is presenting complex ideas in a fresh, simple ways. She is in demand as a speaker nationally and internationally. Joanne regularly presents on TV including on The Today Show, The Project, Daily Edition, ABC 24, the news across all channels, and a large number of radio stations. Joanne is the technology parenting expert at Kidspot, Australia’s number one parenting website. She has published a long list of opinion pieces recognised for their thought-provoking and timely ideas. Joanne also hosts a monthly digital-parenting seminar series based in USA.

As a researcher, Dr Joanne has an invaluable, ground-up understanding of how children use technology and the factors that influence their use. She works closely as an expert with government, key industry (Apple), education sector, and with families to develop practices that will help children to flourish in our digital society.

Joanne is a busy mum of three. She knows what children and adults want to know about, and provides them with real ideas, understanding and effective solutions.

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