Do you promise to give your child extra time on their iPad if they’re good when you go out, or if they’re quiet when you have work to do at home?

We’re all guilty of it but do you know the damaging effects if can have on your child?

My research shows that over time, using technology to encourage your child to be good:

Leads to them being obsessed with using technology

Works against managing screen time

Leads to tantrums when technology is removed

Works against quality, educational use of technology

What you can do about it?

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Dr Joanne Orlando

Dr Joanne Orlando leads new understandings and solutions about children’s digital lifestyles.

Joanne regularly presents on TV including on The Today Show, The Project, Daily Edition, The House of Wellness, the news across all channels, and a large number of radio stations. Joanne is the technology parenting expert at Kidspot. She has published a long list of articles on family and children’s digital lifestyles and also hosts a monthly digital-parenting seminar series based in USA.

As a researcher, Dr Joanne goes straight to the source – children, parents, teachers and others to gain a ground-up understanding of why kids use technology in the ways they do. She uses cutting-edge knowledge to provide fresh and practical solutions to children’s technology use. Joanne is also a busy mum of three.

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